Glasses and Services


Designer Frames

We offer a wide range of frames in order to personalize your glasses and make sure they are tailored to your style. Anyone is welcome to come in, try them on and find the perfect frames for yourself. We have unique frames from various countries such as Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, France and Denmark. None of those suit you? We can custom-make a pair of one-of-a-kind frames just for you. We love it when customers are just as passionate about their eyewear as we are.


Designer Sunglasses

With the wide variety of lens options available, you can customize your “sunnies” to meet your visual, protection, performance and comfort needs. Our sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which can significantly reduce the risk of vision problems caused by sunlight such as cataracts and retinal damage.


In-store laboratory provides fast turn around and quality craftsmanship. We’ll do our best to resolve any problems with your eyeglass needs. We provide a wide range of general repairs including soldering, frame adjustments, lens adjustments, and lens replacements.

For your convenience, we do our best to solve your problems as quickly as we can. We are experts at adjusting your frames to give you the perfect fit.

The in-store laboratory helps us service you at your convenience by getting your glasses back to you as quickly as possible. We provide a fast turn around and quality craftsmanship. Your vision is our priority.


Varilux® X series™ Lenses
The cutting-edge Varilux X series lens technology takes the boundaries off your vision, allowing you to see clearly and sharply at various distances in both your central and peripheral vision range. No longer do you have to turn your head to look directly at the clock across the room, the screen on your phone, or the name on the cup at the coffee shop. Instead, Varilux X series delivers a large reading area, while eliminating the uncomfortable sensation of feeling off-balanced.


Custom Lenses
If you already have a favorite pair of frames you want replacement lenses for, Vision Shoppe can help provide custom lenses according to your unique specifications. We will work with you to determine which lens type, thickness, color, and upgrades will best fit your vision needs and aesthetic preferences.


Transitions® Lenses
Instead of carrying your traditional eyeglasses along with a pair of prescription sunglasses, Transitions lenses allow you to go between indoor and outdoor lighting without switching your frames. Inside, the lenses look like any other lenses, but once outside, they intuitively darken to safeguard your eyes against the bright glare of the sun. In addition to providing protection against UV rays, Transitions lenses include blue light protection shielding your eyes against the harmful blue light emitted by artificial light sources.



Brands We Offer:

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